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FSU Art BFA ’13 Chase Jones Presents Sunrise Cube at CAB

Published November 14, 2013

Darkness to Light

Darkness to Light is a collaborative performance featuring live music, dance, oration, and an interactive light-based sculpture. Chase Jones, FSU student in the BFA program, has brought together artists from all different creative fields to draw unique perspectives on the sunrise. Each artist will present their view of darkness to light through their own talents, incorporating projection and audiovisuals throughout the show. The performance creates one cohesive and mesmerizing production.

After watching the sunrise with over 200 people every day for a full year, Jones created a sculpture named The Sunrise Cube to draw attention to the everyday phenomenon most people never sit down to watch: the sunrise. Join us for a night of collaboration and exploration! November 17, Opperman Music Hall – College of Music, 7-8pm


  • Chase Jones, BFA Graphic Design
  • Jayne Jones, Cellist, FSU Media Production
  • Pak Laosri, Spoken Word, FSU
  • Jared Starr, FSU Master’s in Violin Performance
  • Maggie Shakelford, dancer, FSU BA Studio Art
  • Acabelles (FSU a cappella group),
  • Reverb (FSU a cappella group),
  • Kevin Beljan, Poet, FSU Creative Writing and Media
  • Zach Shakelford, orator, FSU BS Economics, Math

The Sunrise Cube

sunrise cube

” title=”sunrise cube” /> 2nd Street Photography

The Sunrise Cube is a sculpture that uses direct light to create an experiential space. With dimensions of 8 feet on each side, one wall obscures light that lands on a translucent screen to create thousands of caustics. The cube can be presented in three different ways. Up to 12 viewers may watch the sun rise inside of the cube. The cube may also be viewed from the inside, with a projector as the light source in place of sunlight. Alternatively, the screen and projector may be flipped to be used for a thirty-minute performance, for an outside audience of up to 100 members.

The sculpture incorporates dance and music as a part of the experience. Choices, adversity and love are thematic as they relate to light and darkness.

For more information on the Sunrise Cube, please visit