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FSU Art BA Student Andrea Todd on her Spring ’13 Internship with Onyx Creative Group

Published March 4, 2013

In my last semester as an undergraduate art student I decided to take on an internship to get experience doing graphic work in the advertising field. In order to get an internship with Onyx Creative Group, a local advertising and marketing firm, I had to go through an interview process and present my digital portfolio before being accepted into their internship program. Luckily I landed the internship and eventually got into the swing of being in a corporate setting. Unfortunately the timing of the internship was off; Onyx was not in the process of working on any creative or digital content at the time, so my skills of being a graphic designer couldn’t be utilized fully. Instead this was a period where their clients needed to have content written, social media worked on and product research conducted. Besides print elements, there were no new clients or campaigns that needed any design work done.

At the ADDY awards two weeks ago Onyx came out with 7 awards and one best of show for their design work, websites and commercials. The work they produce is very professional and clean, and when I left to pursue another internship I left on good term. There is a good possibility that I will be invited back to Onyx to do freelance work when their current clients, or new ones, need digital or creative work done and could use another designer to help out.
It is unfortunate that I wasn’t able to do my entire semester internship at the Onyx Creative Group, but for the short time I was there I did learn a little about working in the advertising and marketing industry. Between dressing for success everyday, the interview process and even how to talk to a boss about goals and even resignation. Along with the few weeks where I worked on social media elements, even though I am a graphic designer, it was interesting to see how much social media plays a part in advertising. My time there was shorter than I would of liked, but by realizing that the internship didn’t fit me, I was able to figure out exactly what I wanted to do for a career. There are jobs that are just social media based, content planned and media buying. None of those positions were for me, and even the creative department is segmented into digital, print and copyrighting. I am now able to say that I want to be a digital designer that is concentrated in websites and digital media.
After reevaluating my career goals I was able to look for another internship that would focus in more on them. Thankfully I was able to find a new one, which also required an extensive interview process.