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FSU Art BA Megan Knight Interns at Camp Flastacowo

Published July 2, 2014

Camp Flastcowo has been running for about four weeks now and it is going great. I am working with the arts and crafts counselor on a day to day basis. Each week we have a different theme that we base the crafts off of. The age range for the kids is 8-13 years old with very wide range of interests. Each day a total of 5 groups have been coming for an hour at a time. During that time, Kim, the arts and crafts instructor demonstrates and shows the kids what they are doing for that day. After the demonstration Kim and myself walk around assisting the students on what they are doing, if need be. The students seems really excited and interested in the crafts that we have planned for the week, especially since they all tie in with the theme of the week.

I was told about the camp through working in FSU Campus Recreation out at the Reservation. Knowing that I am going to be a middle school art teacher coming this fall this was a perfect opportunity for me to start working with the right age range of student and see how the environment was in an art setting. I spoke with Jordan Merrick, the director of the camp, wondering if it was possible for me to shadow or assist on certain days. He offered me the internship for the summer, allowing me the experience and knowledge that I will be using in August.

Throughout the rest of the semester, I am wanting to be able to demonstrate a lesson and have the kids really understand it and have a great time doing it as well. For my long term goals I want to feel the comfort level with this age range and teaching art lessons. Starting August I will be doing this on a daily basis with middle school students in Orlando, FL. This internship is preparing me for what is to come and is allowing me to see what I need to work on and strive to do better at when it comes to teaching.