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FSU Art BA Kelly Taylor Summer '14 Internship at MC2 Creative Marketing

Published July 1, 2014
Some Business Cards designed by Kelly

Some Business Cards designed by

This summer I have been a design intern for MC2 Creative Marketing out of Pensacola. While interning here I have been able to sit in and discuss with business professionals about rebranding with their clients and what exactly the clients might like to have re-done and how. So far my responsibilities have ranged from filing papers and answering phone calls to designing business cards, fliers, social media banner art and various pamphlets. I’ve been able to gain further knowledge about design and creating what it is the client likes. I’ve also learned a lot behind what it takes to print off massive orders and some of the different machinery that is used. The hands on aspect of this company is what I have really been able to learn so far.

I’ve faced several challenges here as well. I’ve had to create a fairly “normal” schedule for myself, which is tougher than it sounds. I’ve faced crucial deadlines for work to be done by. Things have to be approved by this date, sent to print by this date and delivered to the client by this date and it’s your fault if it’s not there on time. I’ve had to dress nice and talk with CEOs of several large companies. That would definitely be one of the more memorable parts. Sitting in front of a multimillionaire CEO of a company asking my advice on where their company’s image should go. Quite intimidating. I would recommend this internship to others because it was very hands on and stuck me right out in the field. I was able to talk with real people about what they want and then go back and get done what they want and do it even better than they expected. I don’t think many other internships you would necessarily be able to see the reward or be given the chance to take that much of a rid but here they gave me a chance.