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FSU Art BA Blake Newton Summer 2014 Internship at Marcus Duval

Published July 1, 2014

Assisting Marcus on Set with a Model

The hardest part about getting an internship, at least for me, was actually finding it. I had it stuck in my mind that a quality internship for an artist would be almost impossible to find in a city like Tallahassee. Then I remembered some career advice I learned in an organization on campus: “If it doesn’t exist, make it come exist.”

Coming in to college, I was already obsessed with photography. My decision to pursue studio art allowed me to study photography and foster my obsession. It did not take long for me to decide to make photography my career path. I knew an internship in this field would build on what I learned in class and only help me achieve my goals.
Speaking of goals, my short-term goals consist of a few things. I want to take my skills I learned in class and apply them to a business model. I want to learn about branding myself and making a career out of being a freelance photographer. I want to meet people, capture them, put my work out there more vigorously and perfect my camera skills. In addition, I wanted to feel more comfortable in a studio setting and venture into video. After graduation, I want to officially have my brand as a photographer and gradually climb the ladder. I hope to receive job offers from different magazines, blogs, and businesses. Ultimately, I want my own photography business that exudes high quality art and professionalism.
With career advice and goals in mind, I began the search for an internship. At first, I Googled studios in Tallahassee and could not find a studio that produced photos I would want to learn how to take. I felt stumped. That’s when I got the idea to search through social media. I had a friend on Instagram who modeled and I remembered liking her photos from her shoot. I decided to look through her profile and find the name of the photographer. That is when I came across Marcus Duval. I reached out to him, decided to shadow him and before I knew it, I was creating the internship of my dreams.
Thus far, I have become really comfortable with my digital camera. I used it frequently for school but more so in controlled lighting. Now I have ventured outside with it and learned how to combat changing lighting. In addition, I have also worked frequently in the studio and have learned more about lighting and different flashes. I have also learned new directional tips to give to models and the small things to pay attention to on set (hair, jewelry, clothes, etc.) I have also worked different events and started to dabble into video. It feels good to finally get real life experience, achieve my goals and continually exercise my creativity.