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FSU Art BA Amanda Curtiellas Summer 2014 Internship at Selah Skin Studio

Published July 1, 2014
Example of Interior Design, Type Artwork on Sign

Example of Interior Design, Type Artwork on Sign

Photography for Company, Framing, Matting

Photography for Company, Framing, Matting

A company named Selah Skin Studio had offered me an internship in May to be their design director for the marketing and logo maker for their products and store. I found the internship through a family member who owns the business. When the internship was offered to me I was told that the place needed an in store artist to be in charge of store design and management for all their products and maintenance of the design of the store. In my time there thus far I have been able to oversee all aesthetic decisions made by and for Selah Skin Studio.
The first project I was given to work on was the logo for the company. One was already made, but the owner had expressed to me that she would like to try to come up with a couple others in case the company were to decide to change it. We came up with a couple designs, but decided to stick with the original, incorporating a slight change in color and shape. My experience there is not limited to designing logo, even though I did work closely with the manager to construct via Photoshop what a different logo for the store might look like. It was very interesting to be able to use some of the skills I was taught in digital foundations and have that translate into an experience in the work field.
Around Selah Skin Studio, I have also been given the tasks to do the typography for the store. This includes all signs made for the store (outside and chalkboard inside). I have overseen all the designs in pamphlets, treatment manuals, and social media ads. Choosing the fonts for all the writing on all the products is a daily task for me as an art intern. I have learned that the art used in creating/choosing fonts affects the feel of a product and the idea intended behind the products itself.
I have also done work for the company that is non-art related as well. Some of my daily tasks include working at the spa some days, food/coffee runs, cleaning around the business, inventory and photography for events and around the store.
The company has also asks me to oversee all interior design decisions. This includes placement of furniture, products, art work etc. This part of the internship has challenged me creatively due to my lack of interior design experience and training.
One of the biggest challenges, however, I have faced thus far in the internship is balancing my vision for the aesthetics of a company versus what the owner wants. I can see how this would be difficult in an exchange between an artist and his/her client. One of the biggest challenges I’ve had to face thus far is understanding what someone else is asking of my creativity, and having that mold their desires for the finished product. Coming into this internship, I didn’t see this being a problem, however, I have a had to (on several occasions) step back from something I am working on the Studio and ask myself- am I making what I want to make or what someone has hired me to make? The tension between pleasing the person you are working for and being true to your creative lean has been one of the most difficult things for me to face.
I would recommend this internship to another student because of the variety in art-related tasks offered. The people I have been able to work with are encouraging and helpful as well. Interning at Selah Skin Studio has been a very different experience than what I was expecting but it has challenged me to think of using art in a business context, and using creativity to market a certain people group.