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FSU Art BA ’18 Francesca Chavez’s Internship at 78Madison

Published July 25, 2017

I was a little nervous and excited when I walked into the 78Madison Advertising Agency on May 15th. 78Madison is a full-service communications firm owned by Joe and Pam Bouch in Orlando, Florida. Though I have worked since I was 18 I have never worked in a professional office setting. As a graphic design major, I’ve never studied advertising consistently either. This would definitely be an interesting internship.

As I took steps to my boss’s office the butterflies in my stomach went away. He introduced me to the staff and showed me around the office. Everyone was so welcoming. My first day tasks included a staff meeting, reviewing client folders, and getting to know the Creative Director, Cheryl Ay. I had a few goals in mind when I went into my internship. I wanted to get more comfortable with design programs, grasp basic HTML, and learn about how an advertising agency functions.

During my 3 months internship, I discovered the answers to my questions. I worked a lot with InDesign and Photoshop on layout projects for directory books and pamphlets. I mastered a lot shortcuts in Illustrator that will save me time in my upcoming classes. I worked with the Interactive Group Director who taught me basic HTML coding. Everyone in the office would always give me their time when I had questions, especially Cheryl and Joe. I would sit in on client calls with Account Services so I could see how an idea from a client became a final advertising campaign. Through those calls I learned about buying ad space, budgets, advertising on search engines, and how to manage a client’s needs.

Through my experience at 78Madison I am more confident in myself as a designer and about embarking on my future. My confidence was an aspect about myself that I wanted to work on during my internship. I studied my inner self by realizing that I need to trust myself and the team that I work with. Now that I have expanded my design portfolio with varying styles, a new resume, and some knowledge about how to present myself in an interview I am ready to take on adulthood. As I am approaching my senior year I will look for jobs in the creative art field.