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FSU Art BA ’17 Sara Kline’s Internship at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital

Published July 25, 2017

This summer I had the pleasure to work in the Public Relations building at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital as a marketing intern. As a marketing intern, I have been helping each communication strategists with multiple projects they are working on with their specific service lines within the hospital. I was also fortunate enough to help with the start of new projects and have gotten to see them through the end. Even though this is a marketing internship my goal is to work as a graphic designer when I graduate, and while looking for internships I realized how much of an impact it would be on my art if I chose to do an internship in a marketing focused atmosphere. Graphic design is something that not only takes artistic skill but it also takes the ability to understand the client’s market and the community they would be trying to reach. Being efficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, etc. is needed but without the marketing skills placed into the design the product may come up short. So through this internship, I was given the ability to learn, observe and execute the projects that a marketing team would focus on.

My goals for this internship, in short, was to learn as much as I can about marketing and PR in a fast paced and very urgent field with many different partners all over the city of Tallahassee. A specific goal would have to be learning the language that each communication strategist has to be cognitive of in everything they produce. So throughout the internship, I made it a personal goal to pick up as much language I could to help me if I was to help on a certain project. It came in handy when I was asked to write a short article for the Tallahassee Magazine on the Florida Diabetes Camp. I read through many examples to make sure I was saying the correct language for that specific project, and it not only helped my own writing but it helped my thoughts come together faster to complete the article.

A challenge I dealt with was how everyone stayed on the same pace at the office. There is never a dull moment while I am there and everyone in the office is constantly working on a project, going to a meeting, or going to an event they have been planning. Even though I was still adjusting to the speed it now feels normal and has made me feel more productive in my work as well. Through this internship, I was shocked at how much a communication strategist working at TMH would cover. I’ve been able to work on so many different projects, from redesigning a brochure, watching an introduction video for new doctors be created, and researching ideas for the Healthy Living Blog. Through these projects, I have learned a great deal of not only how to begin a project but also how to engage with the community that this hospital serves. I am so beyond grateful that I had this opportunity to learn from such dedicated people and for giving me so much confidence as I now begin looking for jobs in my last semester here at Florida State.