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FSU Art BA ’17 Lauren Vaccaro’s Internship at 621 Gallery

Published May 9, 2017

During the spring semester of 2017, I was an intern at 621 Gallery, a gallery at Railroad Square Art Park that features artwork of emerging artists. Because there was an administration change in March, my experience as an intern also changed, so I will discuss it in two parts: pre-March (before March 4th) and post-March (from March 4th to May 1st).

My original goals were to assist in graphic design and website management. During the pre-March period, my tasks were limited to taking photos at events, opening and closing the gallery during hours of operation, and working with other interns to run openings on First Fridays. The 621 Annex next door sometimes hosted hip-hop dance events that required the attendance of one to two interns. I was never scheduled for a hip-hop event, so I was present during operating hours on weekends and First Fridays. My weekly shift was typically four hours on a Saturday or Sunday, which was enjoyable because my friendships with the other interns developed. 

During the post-March period, however, my role was more active. Nothing changed in regards to how many hours I worked per week, but more tasks were given to the interns. I was offered a chance to design exhibition advertisements in addition to my other intern duties. It was easy because each advertisement had to have the same design template. I also designed and arranged booklets that contained information about the exhibited artwork. I was happy to have performed those duties because they incorporated graphic design. On First Fridays the interns also managed three bars and performed other tasks that were necessary for proper gallery functioning.

Upon completion of my internship, I am going to shadow a full-time graphic designer at Salter>Mitchell and apply for art-related internships and jobs. I may work as a teacher at Very Special Arts, a not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to bringing the arts into the lives of people with disabilities. Currently, I am making an adult coloring book and promoting my art on Facebook and Instagram.