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FSU Art BA ’17 Khandice Long’s Internship at Taking Travel Black

Published July 25, 2017

I had the pleasure of interning with Taking Travel Black, a start-up travel company focused on making travel accessible and affordable for Black Millennials. I have watched Taking Travel Black grow from a blog and transition to a thriving startup business. I joined their team as a Digital Marketing Intern, a position that required me to manage all social media channels for the company. I was excited to intern with Taking Travel Black because this afforded me the opportunity to utilize my background in the arts and creative thinking while diversifying my skill-set in travel-based media, marketing, and cultural awareness.

The duration of my internship was completed in a virtual setting, which for some could pose a challenge. However, I enjoyed having the freedom of working in a remote environment that allowed me to work from home and implement travel. Despite not having daily face-to-face interaction in a traditional work environment, I communicated daily with my team that consisted of my supervisor and co-intern. We used a variety of mediums to ensure effective communication at all times such as messaging, e-mails and weekly video chat. My supervisor provided clear expectations and feedback throughout the entire internship to ensure we continuously improved our performance and learned in the process.

As a Digital Marketing Intern for Taking Travel Black, it was necessary for me to be organized, attentive to detail and creative. I was able to demonstrate my strengths in written communication, proficiency in Microsoft programs and strong knowledge of various social media platforms we used like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. My daily tasks consisted of tracking trends, scheduling posts, creating social media graphics, networking/ outreach with prospective partners, engaging and growing our followers on all three major social media networks. Weekly, I was responsible for reading/documenting our website analytics, working alongside my team to discuss the performance of their blogging content and provide suggestions when needed.

Overall, my internship with Taking Travel Black has been beneficial to my personal and professional development. This experience helped me develop and strengthen a well-rounded skill set in time management, strategic planning, and the implementation of technology. I will be graduating from FSU this upcoming semester with a dual degree in Studio Art and Theatre. It has been a transformative first-time experience working as a Digital Marketing Intern. I have decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. Upon graduating, I hope to broaden my experience in the professional realm within the marketing field. My long-term goal is to become a Creative Director, a role that combines my love for the arts and helping make the dreams of others a reality.