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FSU Art BA ’17 Carly Curry’s Internship with Sangha Press

Published May 8, 2017

For the Spring 2017 semester, I interned at Sangha Press, located in Railroad Square. I was excited to learn from Mika Fowler, the multidisciplinary artist that operates Sangha Press.

The first few weeks I was acquainted with the shop tools and how the lead type was organized in the cases. After memorizing where each letter went, sorting and re-casing type was a breeze.

The first project I worked on was the Tonglin cards. The Tonglin cards were a set of about 60 cards that one would sit with, and each day take one, read it, and meditate on what that card was. We powered through setting and re-casing each card and the set came out great. Next, I was able to make a humorous card inspired by my french class.

With all of the marches and energy at Railroad square, we also made posters for the women’s march and National Women’s day. It was great to work on a large piece that used nearly all of the 36 point fonts Mika had. We were diligent about writing down each font used and it made re-casing much easier. While learning about troubleshooting inking problems, pressure problems, machine maintenance and letterpress nomenclature, we discussed art and news.

Among the things I learned while interning, I am most grateful for Mika’s patience and expertise and the venerable Robina Courtin.