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FSU Art BA ’17 C Diamond Interns with FSU College of Fine Arts

Published August 11, 2016

CDThe past few months have been very interesting for me, and I have learned more than I really thought possible. I have been able to take on large projects and learn how to present myself and the company on a more professional and organized level.

I was given the task to create a presentation and a beta website for an incredibly large client. Here I learned how to professionally put together a pitch to become the producer for the client but evaluating numbers, building a business plan and creating a beta website for them to see.

Evaluating numbers: I had to research multiple companies to get the best price for the product the client wanted. This included factoring in shipping methods, storage methods, calling multiple suppliers to see if we could get price breaks and resourcing new materials. By laying these numbers out in front of the client, they were able to see how we could save them money on product as well as delivery and storage methods.

Building a business plan: I had to go into detail about all the operations as well as the factors of how we would get this project completed. This included where and who the product was coming from, how it would get there as well as taxes and tariffs, where it would be stored and how it would be shipped to the client. This business plan had to be highly detailed without any error, it was gone over during the period of a month with me and my team until it was perfected.

Creating a beta website: I had to build a website that allowed the client to see all the stock of their products as well as all the shipping information. The website’s goal was to create an easier and more effective inventory tracking system. We were able to do this through the platform we worked off of and created a website that was easy to use as well as aesthetically pleasing.

This project forced me to do research that I had not done before as well as find sources of products I did not have access to previously. Now that I have this knowledge and connections, I can apply them to my company and really move forward with my future plans!