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FSU Art BA ’17 C Diamond Interns with FSU College of Fine Arts

Published August 15, 2016

CDHello, I am C Diamond, I want to be a professional photographer and videographer/filmmaker. I made photos and videos at my internship with FSU’s College of Fine Arts this summer. The experience allowed me to develop my professional photography and videography skills. I learned about using the rule of thirds to compose subjects within a frame, and how to light for video, particularly interviews, made lots of pictures of FSU campus, art classes, art works, and did various other assignments, and made videos for the art education department, the Museum of Fine Arts, and the arts administration website.

I took the internship to gain skills, add to my resume, and explore what it is like working for someone else as a photographer and videographer. It was nice to have assignments because it took the work out of having to find something to shoot, however the assignments were not always exciting. A typical photography assignment would be to photograph a room with no people in it, and a video assignment would be to shoot an interview with someone. It was also somewhat difficult to do the internship in the summer because of the heat, there were few people on campus, less classes, and less equipment available.

The main thing that I did not like about the internship is that it was working for the state, being that the university is a state university. I very much disagree with working for the government in a socialist country, and would much rather have interned for an individual, but having done the internship gives me some experience and credit so that I have a greater chance of getting an internship with a private entity next time.

I was offered to do the internship again in the fall, but I probably will not do it because I gained most if not all the knowledge and experience there is to gain from this internship towards the end of doing photography and making films/videos, it’s not a paid position without having prior signed up for federal work study on the FAFSA application, and doing a twenty-hour a week internship with three other classes, and running a photo and video business would be hard for me. I plan to do another internship next summer in NYC where I want to live and work when I finish my undergraduate degree. Hopefully that internship will be as a photographer’s assistant or with a motion picture production company.