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FSU Art BA ’17 Alexa Turnbull Interning with The Rauschenberg Residency

Published June 19, 2015

If you are looking for me this summer, you can find me seven hours south of Tallahassee, flourishing on the majestic Captiva Island, Florida. Captiva Island is known for it’s ability to captivate and inspire, but that’s an understatement for what goes on at the Rauschenberg Residency ,where I will be completing my creative arts internship this summer. The Rauschenberg Residency is a non-profit organization on the private property that Robert (Bob) Rauschenberg owned and created within. Now that Bob has passed, his property is a private residency that invites recommended and selective artists from all over the world to come be captivated for five weeks at a time. Bob was interested in creating work through collaboration with high potency of intimacy, and while the artists in residency have free range to work alone, they have resources to go outside of their comfort zone and the opportunity to work with other artists explicitly for the five weeks.

During my time here I have two major goals: the first being to observe the lives of functioning and successful artists and how they collaborate, and the second being how to direct and coordinate a non-profit organization like this residency to make a difference in the art world. This summer residency is a family residency, which allows the artists to bring along their partners and children! To provide artists with this opportunity is especially rewarding and since the director and coordinator are both present on site of the residency, I can follow along side of them to really understand the skeleton and muscles of making something this incredible work. A big part of my internship is guiding the artists’ children into art activities in various mediums: clay, collage, found object sculptures, painting, and even film. As I work with the children, I am working with the parents to observe their progress as well.
So far this residency we have started to create a short film and work on found object sculptures. We have projects set for each week, and following along with the adult artists we are preparing to have a children’s art show at the end of the residency to explore their creating and collaboration in comparison to their parents! This is the second family residency the Rauschenberg Residency has held, so challenges are expected. So far the only obstacle we have had to overcome is figuring out what to do first. I am ready to bend and grow to completely understand its’ workings as we are only a week into the residency!
The Rauschenberg Residency has already made such an impact on my life; I would love to pursue a second internship here as the studio assistant where I can get hands on interaction with each artist and really improve on my own skills while teaching and helping others to collaborate and try new things, or simply be the extra hands we all need from time to time. I also aspire to have my own non-profit organization one day, but in the mean time I am more than happy to work within others.