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FSU Art BA ’17 Alexa Kroitoro Shares Her Internship Experience at Ginger Straps

Published August 12, 2016

Ginger StrapsFor my summer 2016 internship, I was given the opportunity to work alongside an extremely talented and well-driven individual named Leana Loh. Leana created a product called Ginger Straps, which is an attachable ankle strap for women’s shoes. Mixed in with fashion and design, my job is to help Leana update her shoe designs, manage her website and social media accounts and assist in any additional office work required to keep this product on the market.

As an incoming senior here at Florida State, I will be graduating with a BA in Studio Art, with a focus in Interactive Media, as well as earning a minor in Communications. Out of all the opportunities I was given, I chose to work with Leana because, not only is Ginger Straps a start up company that needs an experienced graphic designer, but I am also able to work side by side with the CEO and learn from someone who knows everything from business to entrepreneurship and incorporates all aspects of design and marketing as well.

A typical day with this company starts from the night before Leana and I meet. Every night I check up on the OneNote checklist that we have together and see what research or small task I am asked to do. The day we meet, Leana and I look over the task and discuss what possible changes and improvements I can make. Following that, we check up on the website and see how sales went and depending on the results, we brainstorm ways to better market the product. With brainstorming also comes experimenting. Some of my meetings with her are out of office. For example, we collaborated with a boutique called Coco Couture and conducted multiple photo shoots that incorporated the Ginger Straps product with the clothing from Coco Couture, and with that, I was able to properly edit and promote these images with my graphic design skills.

So far, I have not only been able to use my computer design skills to help out Ginger Straps but I have also learned a great deal of what it takes to run your own business. One of the biggest challenges I have faced so far is that I did not know anything about entrepreneurship or running a business and I was required to get a better understanding of it so I can be of better assistance. As a result, I have learned even more than I expected to in this company. Thanks to Leana she has given me more background and experience in this field that I know will help me in the long run.

I hope to keep Leana as a reference for future opportunities. I am extremely privileged to be able to work alongside someone with so much confidence, passion and skill.