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FSU Art BA ’16 Viktoriya Gerasymova Interns for the Florida State Art Department

Published June 19, 2015

This summer I was lucky enough to have acquired an internship with the Florida State University Department of Art. As with any university department, it is highly important to send out the right information to students, potential new students, visitors, and faculty members about the current and upcoming events within the school. It is also significant that the information about what the department has to offer is always accurate and up to date. As an intern, it is my job to work on the posters, brochures, and news displays for proper communication of this information to the public. In order for me to be successful in this internship I have set some goals that I can keep in mind throughout this experience.

My first goal, which is the simplest of all, is just to learn more about Adobe programs. I find it very rewarding when I can learn new techniques through experimentation in programs such as Illustrator. This internship has provided me with ample ability to practice this and unleash my creativity, such as with designing layouts of the FSU art features. I face the challenge of learning new techniques on my own but this can be overcome with sheer program research and personal determination.

My second goal relates to my understanding of digital printing. I personally want to enhance my comprehension and experience with professional printers, though I am very new to the process. Therefore, I hope to learn as much as possible before the end of the internship. I fortunately got the opportunity to use a large format printer for a mockup of an MFA informational poster, and anticipate more possibilities to gain insight into how these projects work.

My last goal is to create and come out of the internship with a positive relationship with my supervisor and all the people that I have the wonderful opportunity to work with. I find it to be completely essential to use my internship as a chance to learn and understand how to act professional and proficient in a work environment. The relationships that I make with people through this opportunity can be very significant for the future.

As for my ultimate goal for a career or the next internship, I want to keep working with graphic design and pursue to keep gaining knowledge in that venture. I also aspire to branch out with design and work for a letterpress company in the prospective future. This current internship will ultimately give me insight in my personal endeavors and hopefully push me to be purposeful in my upcoming career decisions.