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FSU Art BA ’16 Gabriela Molina: Interning with Master Craftman Studio

Published October 19, 2015

From Gabriela Molina: My experience in Master Craftman Studio has being so far extraordinary. I was so thrill when I got the notice that I had being awarded the opportunity to work as a intern in the Studio and have the real work experience. My responsibilities vary, I like helping anyone in the studio that needs an extra hand, it allows me to learn what everyone has to offer and develop new knowledge but my major responsibility is working on producing and documenting the production process of the different awards the studio develops for the university. It has been a very fulfilling experience, I have gotten to learn to work with glass, which is a completely new medium for me, learn to be responsible with my time and organization so everything can be done accordingly, put all my effort into the production so the result are as expected and enjoy the excitement that your hard work and dedication brings at the end. If having the possibility of working at Master Craftman I would totally recommend it not only you get to learn tons, but also will work with a bunch of great people, always willing to teach and help you in a environment both fun but professional.