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FSU Art BA ’16 Elizabeth Anderson Interns with Coton Colors

Published August 9, 2016

An example of the kind of work we do at Coton Colors. We tstyle our photo shoots to show off the best features of our products.

For this internship, I went into it having no real idea of what my job at Coton Colors would entail. I knew that I was going to be working in the design/creative department of the company, but what the day to day would be like, was a mystery. I had known about this company my entire life. They do decorative home ware and lifestyle products now, but when I was younger they also created hand-painted clothes that my sister and I wore.

The different tasks that I have been involved with range from product design, to coordinating and assisting with photo shoots, and even cutting vinyl for displays. The company really has a sense of everyone pitching in to help when something needs to get finished, so this keeps things very interesting. On any given day there will be new tasks and jobs to tackle as well as the long-running projects that we have on our minds.

Some of the challenges I’ve faced personally have been trying to manage my time on getting tasks completed and in the correct manner. There are certain areas that I’m still familiarizing myself with about the company and all they do, so there is a lot to learn. Also, being that I have never worked for a company of this size, doing this particular job was new to me. Not only has it been a definite learning process of both familiarizing myself with the procedures and aspects of the job, but also with the company itself.


Where I do product designs, specifications for products, and many other things!

All in all, I feel that I have already learned so much about myself and how I meet challenges, and how to work through them with a positive attitude and a determination to grow and learn. I feel that I am evolving every day that I go into work, and the amazing thing is that although it is difficult and stressful at times to get everything done and prove myself, I feel like I am growing every single day. I don’t ever sit there waiting for the clock to wind down to leave. I love being able to feel a sense of accomplishment when things go well and I love knowing that there are always going to be mistakes made along the way, but that it’s all about learning from those mistakes and doing better the next time.