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FSU Art BA ’15 Stephen Winchip Interns with 180 Communications

Published October 21, 2014

Stephen Winchip’s experience at the 180 Communications Internship in his words:

FSU Art BA '15 Stephen Winchip Interns with 180 Communications

FSU Art BA ’15 Stephen Winchip Interns with 180 Communications

“While using the FSU Career Center to build a resume and cover letter, I was also in search for a fall internship. I interviewed for a few companies around Tallahassee and ended up taking a multimedia internship at a sports PR company called 180 Communications. When I graduate I want to take my skill set and work in the sports industry so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to gain real life experience in the field I want to enter.
180 Communications provides tactics you need to effectively communicate your message through graphic design, web design, and video production. So far I have learned how to create a document and dissect what a client needs, transform their ideas and thoughts and then create an image or layout. One thing 180 has taught me so far is that while people can perceive company brands differently; you can always help your own personal brand by being aware of what is going on in your social media accounts.
So far while spending my time at 180 I have worked on a few different projects. The first project was taking quotes from three different books that were written by Don Yaeger, President of 180 Communications and manipulating these quotes within a Photoshop document. These were created to be reposted for social media. My second project was to take photographs and edit and transform them to fit into PowerPoint documents. Another project that I have been working on for a few different universities are Media Training Power Points. 180 takes an original take on Media Training and helps you understand the importance of a positive public image by connecting with you on a personal level. You are in charge of your own brand and what you put on social media conveys to how you represent your brand. With that being said my job was to interact with athlete social media and present Power Points on the positive and the negatives of their brand.
Throughout the rest of my internship I have set a few more goals. My first one is to network as much as possible. Since this a sports PR Company there are a lot of opportunities to achieve that. My last goal is broad but I will continue to learn and gain experience in a professional workspace.”