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FSU Art BA '14Demilade Haastrup Interning with Frattire LLC

Published March 3, 2014

FSU Art BA’14 Demilade Haastrup interns with Frattire LLC and explains his role using Studio Art through his experience.

Hello my name is Demilade Haastrup and I am a senior and my major is BA in Studio Art. I will be graduating this spring and I cannot wait to walk! I was offered the wonderful opportunity to work with Frattire LLC last fall in my Digital Graphic Design class. The two representatives of Frattire were looking for graphic designers in the class who had knowledge in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I took advantage of the opportunity to showcase my knowledge and skills using the tools I’ve learned from my design classes as well as self-knowledge. This semester I was given the task of creating a new logo for a company and vectoring artworks from clients into T-shirt designs for their respective sororities and fraternities here at Florida State. I would have to say that doing this internship has taught me how to use my time wisely and always check up on the latest design post online. I am taking 4 studio art classes, so it forces me to get as much of my projects started while multitasking on work for Frattire. I am always proactive in making sure that the design gets done before the two-day turn around policy. It is important as a designer to be punctual and reliable with the tasks being assigned. I feel as though Frattire has fulfilled my goals in terms of a teamwork environment and communication skills. Just a few days ago, I was assigned a very complex design to recreate and I was struggling to get the design right but eventually I able to receive some helpful tips about the design and was able to complete it on time. This internship has taught me to be patient with my work and ask many questions when things are complex. Also, it has taught me to showcase my leadership and teamwork by helping my fellow designers with their work when they weren’t able to complete it. It’s that kind of teamwork atmosphere that will help me in the real world. My long-term goals I aim to achieve with Frattire are to develop a great work habit and an eagerness to embrace mistakes and learn from them and to strive to be more selfless and a team player when it comes to helping a fellow co-worker. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a designer for Frattire and I can’t wait to continue learning more from this internship.