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FSU Art BA ’14 Sydney Orr Interning with Tallahassee Film Society

Published October 20, 2013

muscleshoalsSydney reports on his fall internship experience:

My internship is through the Tallahassee Film Society at All Saints Cinema. Working for the Tallahassee Film Society has been a great experience for me. I’ve learned great skills that I can take away and use in future jobs. I’ve gained knowledge about working individually, but making sure that I please my client. My responsibility is to create flyers for the films and events that the Tallahassee Film Society has. I make these flyers weekly. It’s been a great way for me to build my resume. The communication I have with T.F.S. has been mostly through email, which has taken some getting used to, but the people that I communicate with are extremely helpful and always quick to respond to my questions. Interestingly enough, I’ve gained a lot of communication skills through email because I have learned how to figure out a lot on my own. Not having the individual there, in person, to discuss projects with can be challenging for me, so this internship really has helped me overcome that. One of the most enjoyable parts of my experience working for the theactofkillingflierheldoverTallahassee Film Society is when I get to see my fliers posted online and printed as fliers. It is an exciting thing to see your ideas realized and know that the public is responding positively to them. I would definitely recommend this internship to other students. It’s a great internship for anyone who wants to possibly enter into a graphic design career because it’s a great resume builder. It is also great for students because the size of the workload is a good amount. It’s the perfect amount so that you are getting a lot out of the experience without becoming overwhelmed with all of your responsibilities. Being someone who is a full-time student with a part-time job, this internship worked perfectly into my schedule. Since everything is basically done individually, I’m able to work on fliers whenever I am able to, as long as I get them done by the time that they are due. Everyone that works for T.F.S. is very kind and helpful. This is a great first internship for any art student wanting a good start towards a graphic design career.