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FSU Art BA '14 Stephanie McIntosh Interning with 621 Gallery

Published October 20, 2013
Me working on a sponsor thank you card.

Me working on a sponsor thank you card.

Stephanie McIntosh reports on her experience so far with her fall internship:

When I began interning at 621 Gallery, I was brought on as their lead graphic designer and website manager. At first the title did intimidate me, but I decided to go for it and it continues to benefit me in more ways than one.
Not only do I keep the gallery’s website up to date, but I am responsible for creating the site’s banners/advertisements for all up-coming exhibitions and events. I also manage 621’s Facebook page, as well as participate in the planning/setting up community based events.
This experience has allowed to become more comfortable with creative suites and other graphic design tools that are available to me. It also provided with a new knowledge of event planning that I had not had any prior experience with until this point.
My biggest challenge was just balancing my other responsibilities with my internship, luckily I have been able to manage everything pretty well but things can definitely become overwhelming at times.
I always look forward to working First Friday, its our largest event and it runs the first friday of each month. The prep for this event is long but in the end everything really comes together and everyone involved works hard to make sure everything runs smoothly and is enjoyable for spectators. With many coming back month after month.
First Friday is also a great opportunity for bringing really interesting and transformative art into the community.
I would definitely recommend this internship, it has allowed me to create a substantial body of work that I definitely believe will help me in the future, I have been able to meet new people and embrace new challenges and I have been allowed to really evolve into a stronger graphic artist. I also think it is a great opportunity to hang out in one the coolest parts of town and meet a lot of talented artists.