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FSU Art BA ’14 Sara Amos Interning with 621 Gallery

Published January 27, 2014

From January – April 2014, Sara Amos will be interning at 621 Gallery. Below is her response of the opportunity given.

I am proud to announce that I have been deemed with the title of Web Master at the 621 Gallery at Railroad Square. The name sounds pretty intimidating but for someone who has encountered HTML/CSS and Adobe Photoshop, the responsibilities expected of me are accomplished with much ease.
On a day to day basis my tasks are updating the website with information about upcoming events and exhibitions, like First Friday. Also, I design flyers and banners to be displayed on the website as well as around town. Upon the random occurrence that I have finished with my graphic assignments, I undertake small, odd jobs such as cleaning andorganizing the gallery/annex. While we are getting ready for the opening of First Fridays, I help uninstall previous work and then assist the new artists with installing their artwork.

The reason I took interest in this particular position is because I have always been interested in graphic and web design. I was playing around enhancing and manipulating images with Photoshop since I was in middle school. Academically, after graduating my main goal is to obtain a job, hopefully a career, as a web/graphic designer with a company (most likely advertising). Basically, I would like to have a post doing almost exactly what is expected of me at 621. I aspired to receive this internship togain a real experience working in the field so I can show prospecting companies I’m up to the challenge. Plus, I am being enlightened to the inner workings of a gallery and the expectations to running one properly.

Although I have only been interning at the 621 Gallery for about a month, I have learned how to use Word Press. WP is the program used to design and edit the 621 website. The ability to use the new to me program proficiently is very exciting! Let’s not forget, my purpose is to gather knowledge about what is expected from a person working in my position. So far, my work at 621 has convinced me that I have chosen a profession right for me and I am increasingly optimistic.