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FSU Art BA '14 Reshmie Punwasi Interns at FSU's Oglesby Union Marketing and Communication

Published July 1, 2014

The evolution of one of Reshmie’s designs

My experience interning at the Oglesby Union Marketing and Communications as a graphic designer has been a very positive one thus far. It hasn’t been the easiest but it has been very rewarding.

I was worried about whether I would be good enough to intern but everyone there has been extremely helpful and accommodating. I was also really glad that my friend Rebecca managed to help me get the internship. She helped me set up a meeting with her boss and they looked through my portfolio and resume.

I was really nervous going in because I knew how to use some of the Adobe software but I felt like I still had so much to learn. On my first day I came up with a design for a playing card. I had the vision but I wasn’t quite sure how to execute it. My boss was awesome and gave me a vectoring tutorial and I just went off from there.

I get to spend a good amount of time being able to get creative with what I am making and editing graphics for distribution. It’s crazy when you see a flyer that you helped make being plastered all over campus or being handed out. This is the first time where anything I’ve made has managed to reach a large amount of people.

One of the biggest things I’ve learned was allowing myself to keep evolving a design. I would make a sketch and say “ok I am going to make this and just this.” There was a point where I was really frustrated with one of my designs and my boss recommended looking up more inspiration on Pinterest. I came across a poster that spoke to me and I decided to start building off more based on the poster I encountered. The process of finishing the design became a lot easier when I decided to incorporate more research into it and building off more designs.

I’m hoping to keep working with Oglesby Union in the future for the duration of my stay in Tallahassee. I have learned a lot more here within a month than a book could tell me. Working with the graphics end of communication gave me a better idea where I can be going with my skill set.