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FSU Art BA ’14 Margaret Seketa Interning at Oglesby Union Marketing Office

Published March 3, 2014

FSU Art BA’14 Margaret Seketa explains her role at the Oglesby Union Marketing Office and what she hopes to gain from her internship experience. Her internship runs from January 6, 2014-May 2, 2014.

My internship at the Oglesby Union Marketing Office as a graphic designer has been very educational and beneficial. Typically, when I first arrive at the marketing office I log on to the computer, check my emails, and settle in. Then, I meet with my supervisor to get an assignment. Sometimes a project is already in progress and I am given instructions to edit and finalize it. For example, my supervisor will tell me a Homecoming poster has already been created but needs edits, so I go back to my computer and make the necessary edits to the poster. My supervisor then approves it and I email it to the client. The Homecoming poster is then on hold until we receive feedback from the client. Other times there is a new project to work on. For instance, my supervisor will have me gather inspiration and make sketches for a t-shirt design for Flying High Circus. Gathering inspiration usually requires searching Pinterest for related graphics and images. After gathering inspiration the next step is sketching a graphic for the t-shirt. I create many small sketches just to get my ideas on paper. Then I take my sketches and get feedback from my supervisor. Usually, I revise my sketch and get approval from my supervisor before I begin creating the graphic or illustration on the computer. Once I have created the t-shirt design on the computer, I continue to get feedback from my supervisor and make revisions until the t-shirt design is completed. Finally, I send the design to the client for more changes or approval. This is the typical creative process and daily work in the marketing office. Posting is another job in the office but is not daily. Twice a week we post flyers and posters on boards around the campus so students know information on clubs, organizations, and events happening on campus.

This internship has taught me the importance of the creative process to develop ideas and graphics. I have learned how to work with clients and manage projects. My skills with the Adobe Creative Suite have improved significantly and I gain inspiration daily from seeing the work accomplished by everyone in the office.

My long-term goals for this internship are to take on a leadership role in the marketing office as a grad assistant and to gain more experience with project management and art direction. I really like everyone I work with and I am looking forward to taking on more responsibility at the Oglesby Union Marketing Office.



Working on an illustration for OU promo items.