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FSU Art BA ’14 Interning with Public Affairs Consultants

Published March 3, 2014
FSU Art BA ’14 sheds light on internship experience with Public Affairs Consultants.
Hey everyone!
I am writing to you today to tell you about my on-going internship at Public Affairs Consultants, a lobbying firm, in Tallahassee. Now I know working at a lobbying firm doesn’t sound like anything an art student would be interest in, BUT I have learned more skills than I can count on my fingers and will forever be thankful I got the chance to work at such a great company.
On a day-to-day basis I take care of a variety of tasks. I begin the day at 9am by opening up emails, and seeing what I have on my plate for the day. After making a to-do list for the day I start out on various tasks, such as looking up amendments to bills that are important to our company and writing reports to notify the companies we represent of changes that could possibly be made to said bills. I also take care of office tasks like designing brochures and flyers, copying, faxing, mailing, and ordering supplies. Once the Legislative session begins, I start my days in the Capitol building, tracking bills and writing updates to any important changes. As long term goals go, I hope to end my internship with a larger network of professionals throughout the state of Florida, and more knowledge of the intricacies of running a successful business.
As to how this pertains to an art student, there are many answers. First off, the communication skills I have learned are immeasurable. I have learned how a community and its legislators work together to pass bills important to their community and seen first-hand how a single person with a good idea can impact their community. This is important to me because I am hoping to pursue a graduate education in Arts Administration, which involves a lot of community outreach and communication. I have also learned how to balance multiple on-going projects and learned to think creatively about solving problems before just deciding on the easiest solution. Being an Art Administrator involves getting creative in ways of promoting your gallery or museum, and also being able to buckle down and handle the business side of things in an organized manner.
My internship has truly helped my natural “people person” attitude grow and be shaped in ways that I would have never imagined. I now know how to effectively communicate ideas I find important, and how to put these ideas into strategic plans for implementation. While there are some stressful days, it has helped me to learn how to grow from criticism and work under pressure! I love my internship and it is true when they say there is no better way to learn than from experience! I hope everyone gets the same chance to experience the working world while still in school and learn valuable tools that employers look for.