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FSU Art BA ’14 Halal Allen Interns with Joe Pritchard Cabinetry

Published April 2, 2014

Cradle Base

Halal Allen reports on his Spring 2014 Internship.

I go to work a couple days a week the specific days change based on location site and what is on the agenda. The work is different every time though sanding is always there, but most of the funtiture we deal with is set for the house, kitchen, laundry, library, and office. We have also had orders from schools.

My responsibilities are heavy on sanding but that’s mostly because that is the magority of the work load, the inportance and affect astounded me, my arms look a lot better for it though!. I move around paint a watch and help boss mix colors. Learned some great techniques for staining too!

I have found that a lot off people like white. There’s nothing wrong with that , but my taste is much more toward wood color enhancement. One of the neatest thing I’ve seen done is taking plain poplar wood making it lookalike beach wood! Between painting it white And sanding with 400 grit and adding a dark glaze, I never realized the possibilities.

Living Room Piece

Living Room Piece

The most I have gained is the thought process. I was stuck in a box for what surfaces on wood Could be and now it feels endless.

He gave me a project of doing a functional piece from hard wood scraps. I started making a Victorian Cradle. The script are of two or three different woods and he wanted me to make it make sense. After I finish it he going to have me ink glaze it a see what that will do with having different woods and the fact the will react differently but be the same color.

The challenges have been most a tired arm from sanding for the job, but the project has taken much longer than expected to get the piece to fit perfectly.
I would totally recommend t this internship for wood work and finishes!