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FSU Art BA ’14 Alexis Cooper Interning with Chachas

Published March 3, 2014

FSU Art BA’14 Alexis Cooper will be interning during the spring 2014 semester with Chachas, a company specializing in little accessories for phones while focusing on digital design.

Working with Chachas, I’m pretty much the go to person for all things graphic and needed to be done on the computer. This extends to creating flyers targeting certain markets of people that are either sent through email or printed and posted! The flyers I create in Illustrator simply because of how easy it is to move around objects within the same layers. I also take part in rendering what the Chacha will look like (size, shape, color, etc) through the primary use of Photoshop, so the customer is able to get a preview of the Chacha on the website. We will occasionally meet in person to catch up or to discuss future projects and switch it up instead of just corresponding through email.

Long-term goals for this internship are to build experience and connections with people and businesses that could lead to more job offers in the future. The creator of Chachas is an entrepreneur that has inspired to seek out in the future, different outlets of digital design that I never considered or though of as fascinating. With their connections in the business world, this internship will be an essential addition to my resume.
The style of rendering I do to the Chachas was a process I was not familiar with but through this internship I have been able to master it. Learning how to render those Chachas are a prime example of my want to hone in on skills of such technicality. Working with Chachas will push me to be better acquainted with Photoshop and help me to love it almost as much as I love Illustrator. Something that I have never done until this internship was design the display case that the Chachas were placed in! This gave me the opportunity to learn the whole process that goes into creating, marketing, and producing a product. Thus, giving me much more of an appreciation for the detail and effort that is put into a single product. That particular experience that I had was a long-term goal that I had set for myself prior to this internship, so I’m glad it came sooner than later.
Overall, love working with them!
For my internship, I don’t have an office or any type of establishment that I go to everyday. I work out of home, since most of my work is done over the computer. Excuse the mess!