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FSU Art BA ’14 Alan Morales Interning with The Pod Advertising

Published July 2, 2014
Alan at the Pod Advertising

Alan at the Pod Advertising

I first came across this wonderful internship, when looking under the Department of Art News & Opportunities, during my first semester at FSU. This was part of the Success Strategies class with Professor Sara Howard. Once I realized there were opportunities for growth at this company I proceeded to apply. Another reason I took this internship into consideration was because I knew people who already worked there.

My responsibilities at The Pod Advertising include working in the Illustration and Motion Graphics departments, where I perform rigging, animation and sound design for clients such as Sachs Media Group and Lauren’s Kids. I have also been given the opportunity to design new sharable images for social media in order to promote the company. I also help maintaining all the computers and the main server in the office, allowing it to run more efficiently.

My short-term goals at The Pod are to stay in the company and keep learning from the talented people that surround me, all while perfecting my skills as an artist. My long-term goals are not written in stone, but if I have to put down a plan on paper, it would be to expand my limits by challenging myself and seeking growth within the company by becoming a supervisor or manager in my department. I would also like to bring more growth to this company by expanding our range of services towards becoming a bigger production house for TV shows, VFX and animation. I truly believe in my abilities to help this company grow exponentially in future years and I am looking forward to making these dreams become a reality.
This internship, has certainly allowed me to reinforce some of the skills learned at FSU. Furthermore I have acquired new knowledge relevant to my industry and learned valuable new lessons and skills such as new workflows in order to complete big projects on time. Working under new programs such as Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, have also proven challenging but very rewarding as well as providing me with real world tools that will serve me well in this business.

The Pod Family

The Pod Family

One of the most enjoyable parts of my experiences so far have been working for a boss that is so welcoming and caring to a point where my involvement feels like being part of a family. For me, the culture and people are the most valuable part of this experience. I highly recommend this internship to other students because not only will they benefit from becoming a part of a wonderful group of talented individuals, but it will also allow them to become better professionals by applying the knowledge learned in school.