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FSU Art BA ’13 Christopher Serrano Interning with Peace Love World, LLC

Published October 25, 2013

Prior to beginning my internship at Peace Love World, there was still a little uncertainty as to what exactly I wanted to do with my life. Two months have passed now, and I have never been more motivated to continue my career in this direction. At first, my boss had me drawing silhouettes of several different kinds of apparel as well as accessories; these were templates to be used for designs and ideas. Eventually she had gained enough trust in me to work on things of more relevance

Me at my internship!

Me at my internship!

including the actual designs, and technical specifications of products to be sent to vendors.

Now my day-to-day consists of a little bit of everything around the design department. I assist in the creation and production of our merchandise, and usually complete a few projects of my own. Every product we create requires a technical drawing in order for the vendor to appropriately replicate our design. Thus, these drawings need to be completely accurate in their depiction and this has been my focus lately. Many of the bags that have been sent out for production recently have been drawn and detailed by me. A good portion of the designs on our products are the generic Peace Love World graphics, although the manner in which they are imposed as well as color scheme and placement all fall under my decision and “artistic license.”

My long-term goals for this internship are to continue learning more about the overall business from design to production as well as distribution. My ultimate career goal is to eventually own a successful, rapidly expanding clothing line such as Peace Love World, and I believe being in this environment is the ultimate inspiration and motivation for my dream. Soon I will be taking a few days or weeks to learn and work with the in-house screen-printing machines, in order to get hands on experience on the production. I believe every move I make at this business is a big step forward for my young career and long-term vision.
After a couple months participating in a real working environment pertaining to my field I believe that schooling presented me with the tools to learn, although the real development came from every day at this company. I have gone much further in depth with the adobe software in order to complete these projects, and of course learned smaller tips and tricks along the way. Peace Love World has also been able to shed light on the production end of the company for me as well, and I now understand the steps to the process of obtaining a vender and sending them your work to replicate and so forth. I believe this internship so far has been so beneficial to my life overall, encouraging me to continue down this path and teaching me more each day.