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FSU Art BA '13 Blake Leuenberger Interning with LCG Inc.

Published October 25, 2013

IMG_0327During my day-to-day activities in my time with LCG incorporated, the majority of work I have done has been maintaining and improving the company’s two websites. There is a general LCG contracting site, and a LCG welding website. I have also worked on a project bid. Along with that comes creating a digital concept of what the finished product will look like when the project is complete, spending time with the architect learning about the blueprints and digital design aspect of construction. I have begun to learn about bidding on a job as well as learning about how much these remodels cost complete. I had originally planned on doing my internship with a t-shirt printing company here in Tallahassee called T-Formation; however, after working with Lester Contracting Group over this past Summer I decided to do my internship with them because the owner has offered me a job as a project manager after I graduate in December. Working for LCG will be a great starting job for my family and myself, with a baby on the way. The owner of the company has offered me a starting yearly salary of $55,000, a brand new truck of my choice, pay for my truck insurance, cell phone bill, and health insurance for my whole family. This isn’t what I went to school for but for me it was a no-brainer to get me started in my career.

With this internship, I hope to get a jump start in the company. The owner of LCG incorporated, John Lester is always looking for ways to make more money. Mr. Lester is quite the entrepreneur and has explored installing extravagant pools, bottling his own well water company, to installing patented bomb proof wallpaper called X-Flex. John Lester is the type of boss anybody would want to work for. This experience has been great so far and I am looking forward to graduating and pursuing bigger things moving forward with this company. I look forward to my career with this company, I feel like it will be a secure and interesting job.