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FSU Art and Psychology Major '14 Jessica Staley: A Gift Turns into Something Bigger

Published July 9, 2013

911321_10200561808119309_331828521_nIn April, Jessica Staley had been assigned a final project for her drawing 2 class. A 25 piece art project where the main guideline was each of the 25 pieces should connect in some way. How this was accomplished, was left to the artist. Jessica wanted this piece to be a gift for her dad. Since her dad, Douglas Staley is the president of the Child Protection Center (CPC) in Sarasota, Florida, she wanted the piece to be about this organization.  CPC is an organization that helps children who have been victims of abuse. Her idea, was to create something that would demonstrate what CPC represents. The royal blue that symbolizes child abuse awareness was a main thread throughout the piece to represent the organization’s goal of ”paint the town blue.” The idea of running away and escaping abuse was another important aspect the piece represented.

When Jessica gave the 25 piece project to her dad, she was happy he immediately wanted to get a frame and hang it in his office. She had no idea that when her dad showed his co-workers, they would have other plans for it. Many of the co-workers wanted the piece to be used as a way of advertising for the organization.  Since it was large in size, they wanted it scaled down and copies to be made. Douglas Staley called his graphic designer who handles CPC advertising, and he took photos of the piece and came up with drafts of what they could do with this. A few weeks later, Jessica received the surprising and rewarding news that the first drafts had been presented in a board meeting as a new business card and thank-you card for the CPC. The board approved the idea. Jessica had no idea a simple gift would snowball into something bigger, but she is thankful her art was able to be used at such a special organization and in turn, they gave her the gift of becoming a published artist.

For more information about the Child Protection Center in Sarasota, visit