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FSU Alum Looking for Children’s Book Illustrator

Published October 29, 2012

This is an opportunity to be published as a children’s book illustrator and to grow your portfolio. I am seeking someone who is wanting to illustrate a children’s book.

I have a 14 page children’s book that needs illustrations. These illustrations could be described as whimsical, yet simplistic. This children’s book has some spiritual tones to it so the illustrations must be soft yet appealing. They may be paintings or graphics, as long as they reflect the tenderness and appeal I am looking for. I have specific ideas for the illustrations but am very excited to work collaboratively and hear your ideas! I am also looking for an artist with whom I can build a relationship as my next book will be ready by the end of November and will be the first in a series. Ideally, I would like to use the same illustrator for those.
I need this done by December 1st at the latest. Mid-November would be ideal. The earlier the better, however school must come first! 😉 I am an FSU Alumnus and understand the demands of a student. I would love to work with a fellow ’Nole.