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”From What I Remember/From What I Forget”

Published January 17, 2012

Carrie Ann Baade included in ”From What I Remember/From What I Forget” at Principle Gallery

A Broadstreet Studio Show: ”From What I Remember/From What I Forget”

Halcyon, 2012, photo by Jon Nalon. From what I remember / From What I forget

From What I Remember/From What I Forget

This exhibition of representational painting uses ’realism’ as a means of depicting an ’unusual reality’. As a group, Broadstreet has decided to employ the visual spectrum within which artists paint the place(s) between our ordinary, monotonous and sobering reality and the extraordinary. Broadstreet Studio is a collective with it’s roots in Philadelphia that is proud to sponsor their second event through the Principal Gallery in Alexandria, VA. The chosen artists have been an immense inspiration to each artist from Broadstreetstudio: Joshua Suda, Brian Martin, and Jason John. Those included in the exhibit are Carrie Ann Baade, David Kassan, Kris Lewis, and Allysa Monks.
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