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Published April 18, 2011

“FREEUTERUS” In silent protest to 18 of the proposed bills attempting to limit the rights of women in Florida; Amanda Boekout, Heidi Haire, Johnny Hunt, Meg Mitchell, Christina Poindexter, and Echo Railton descended upon the Capital and surrounding area. Dressed from head to toe in red, we wrestled with metallic chastity belts locked and chained over our UTERI. Uncle Sam led the parade with Lady Liberty in tow and the keys to our UTERUS guarded. With our hands bound and mouths gagged, we made futile attempts to free ourselves and one another from our duct tape chastity belts and the chains of legislation. We pleaded with Lady Liberty for help but alas, she was gagged, silent herself, and chained to Uncle Sam by the neck, who thwarted every attempt we made at getting Liberty’s support. FREEUTERUS!