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Franchise Sports Agency Graphic Design Opportunity

Published October 24, 2012
My name is Elton Patterson and I am the President of a Sports Agency Firm here in town named Franchise Sports Agency. I am in need of some graphic design work mainly for print and media. I represent NFL players (some FSU players) and I think it would be a fantastic opportunity for a few students to assist me with this project. I went to The University of Central Florida and believe in helping students get experience. This can be a paid project ($100) or a group assignment for the class if the professor wishes to do so. Below is a synopsis of what the company is looking for:
Franchise Sports Agency, Inc. is a sports representation agency that represents NFL athletes.
Franchise Sports Agency, Inc. seeks an project manager to assist the Sports Agency branding. This project would give the students/students valuable, real-world experience, as well as providing the company with additional branding.
The chosen project manager must be skilled in Microsoft Word, Excel and minimum skills on Access. Excellent spelling skills and attention to detail are a must.
The project manager must be organized and detail-oriented, possess strong computer skills, and able to work alone.
At the end of the project, the project manager will be evaluated for a possible referral relationship paid position. In addition at the end of the project, the project manager will receive a letter of recommendation and a great deal of invaluable experience.
The supervisor can be used as a reference for future job searches.
The main duties of the intern will be (in order of importance):
  • Creative
  • Produce a professional look
  • Able to insert Football Pictures in Graphics
  • Assist with the writing of press releases, captions, etc.
  • Assist with developing presentation packages
  • Other duties as assigned
  • Create logos
Thank you.

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