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Florida State University MFA candidate Hunter Jonakin hit a nerve with his recent project “Jeff Koons Must Die!!!”

Published April 25, 2011

Hunter Jonakin's "Jeff Koons Must Die!!!

‘Jeff Koons Must Die!!!’ & 4 Other Art Video Games You Can Actually Play

With the Smithsonian set to crown video games the latest institutionally-ratified art form next year with its “The Art of Video Games” show, we thought it was about time to take a look at the subject of video games as fodder for visual artists. The subject has received increasing attention, from Carolina Miranda‘s smart feature in ARTnews to proliferating courses in digital and interactive media at art schools all over. But we didn’t just want to focus on artworks that took video games as subject matter, we wanted to see what examples there were out there that actually tried to merge the sensibility of gamers into the sensibility of fine arts, in however awkward a way. In other words, we wanted art that we could actually play. Here’s our shortlist: read the rest of the article here.