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Florida Attractions Association Conference Needs Logo Design/Animation

Published May 23, 2013

The Florida Attractions Association conference needs a new logo design/animation.  The association’s upcoming annual conference begins with a video announcing the conference theme. The finale of this video is an animated ”build” (approx. 30 seconds) of the final theme logo/design. This animation will be reused throughout the Conference.

The opportunity is for a graphic design student who can work with us to design and animate this logo ”build” for our annual conference.

This project is paid, terms to be discussed with the student.

The conference is upscale, and the graphics and design package must reflect this overall look and feel. Graphic elements will be added in animation to arrive at a finished product that will be the Conference logo.
Animation will need to be high-quality, as the graphic will be displayed via projector screen.

The animation and all other supporting materials must be completed and delivered no later than Wednesday, May 29.

Please send resume and links to samples to Brandon Johnson at

For more information on the Florida Attractions Association, visit

A sample graphic design that has been used in the past is included below:

Florida Attractions Association

A sample graphic used for Conference marketing, finished product will be similar in nature.