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First International New Age Collection Painting Contest 2016

Published June 18, 2015

New Age Contest for New Age Painters!

First International New Age Collection Painting Contest 2016

With the objective of introducing young and new painters to art lovers and thereby provide support to them, the NewA Collection (International New Age Collection Painting Contest) will be traditionally organized each year to open new horizons to painters and art lovers. Real Collection, as the art project of NewA Collection, is supported by Colortone and the Fine Arts Association of the Sultanate of Oman. The contest will enable young painters the opportunity to have an exhibition as well as win various awards.

Application and Evaluation

Applications will be evaluated by a jury consisting of 9 individuals. The first 200 works that have earned the right to win an award and entitled to an exhibition, will be presented to art lovers with an exhibit to be organized in May.

The first 10 contestants selected by the jury members will be hosted in Ankara for five days and are expected to undertake a performance with the materials provided to them by their supporters. The performance of the contestants and the first work they have provided for their participation will be evaluated by the jury and the first three winners identified. The results will be announced on 20 May 2016 and the award ceremony will take place on Saturday, 21 May 2016.

Conditions for Participation

  • The contest is open during the 2015‐2016 academic year to the students painting departments of education faculties and to the 3rd, 4th year and graduate students of fine arts faculties.
  • Students entering the contest must submit a document to state that they are in their final year.
  • Only oil paints and acrylic works on canvass will be evaluated.
  • There is no limit on subjects.
  • The long side of the work must be no longer than 50 cm. The work is expected to be forwarded in a ‟jpeg” format with a high definition image (Not below 1 mb and not above 2 mb) to
  • The participation application form must be completely filled and forwarded with the view of the work to
  • All works must be photographed without a frame and to the scale of the original size. The work to be sent must be frameless.
  • The original of the first 200 works selected by the jury will be forwarded to the RC Art Gallery and subject to further eliminations.
  • Signature will be placed behind the painting and the size and name, if given, will be written. A signature must not be placed on the front of the painting. A 20×15 cm label with the full name, address and telephone number of the painter is to be placed on the back of the painting. The label can be downloaded from
  • Additionally, one photograph taken of the painter during his/her work is expected to be forwarded.
  • Paintings sent from overseas are to be forwarded by courier without a frame and those forwarded domestically with a frame. Courier fees are to be borne by the sender.
  • The first 200 works are to be accepted as project preparation and publicity and will not be returned. A catalog and a participation certificate will be prepared and forwarded to the contestant that includes the contestant’s own work. In addition, a Colortone brand acrylic paint set will be sent as a gift.
  • The visual of the work must be forwarded digitally between 15 January 2015 and 25 March 2016. After evaluation by jury members, the first 200 works will be announced on 1 April 2016. The original selected works must be delivered to the RC Art Gallery at Bilkent Sanat Sokaǧı, Bilkent, Ankara by Friday, 15 April 2016. Works delivered by hand will be accepted. The first 200 works will be presented to art lovers at a gallery at Bilkent Sanat Sokaǧı on Saturday, 30 April 2016. The exhibit will continue throughout the month of May. The first ten contestants will be announced on 2 May 2016. The first ten contestants selected will arrive in Ankara as guests and present their performance between 16‐21 May 2016.


Jury (selection committee)

  • Ali Herischi, Gazi University, Lecturer
  • Cüneyt Süer, MSŰ Advertisement Agency Owner
  • Gültekin Serbest, Painter    
  • Hikmet Çetinkaya, Painter
  • Necil Nedimoǧlu, Ret., Department of Publicity, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Rahmi Çögendez, Curator
  • Serap Demiraǧ, Painter
  • Sinan Ceco, Art Historian and Writer
  • Vecdi Uzun, Businessman and Collector

Contest Calendar

15 January 2015 ‐ 25 March 2016 Forwarding of visual works (jpeg)
1 April 2016 Announcement of first 200 works selected
15 April 2016 Last date for the delivery of the original 200 works
30 April 2016 Opening of exhibit for the 200 works
2 May 2016 Announcement of the first 10 contestants selected
16 ‐ 21 May 2016 Arrival to Ankara of the first 10 contestants
20 May 2016 Announcement of the first 3 contestants selected
21 May 2016 Award ceremony



  1. 5,000 USD
  2. 3,000 USD
  3. 2,000 USD
  4. 500 USD
  5. 500 USD
  6. 500 USD
  7. 500 USD
  8. 500 USD
  9. 500 USD
  10. 500 USD
  • A ‟Bronze NewAge Statuette ”will be presented to the first place winner and a gallery will be opened for one year in his or her name in Bilkent Sanat Sokaǧı.
  • A Bronze NewAge Statuette will be presented to the academies attached to the first three winners.
  • A exhibit will be opened for 21 days at Bilkent Sanat Sokaǧı for the second and third place winners.
  • The first three winners will be guests of the Sultanate of Oman for five days in Oman.
  • The first 3 winners will receive one year painting materials and the first 200 contestants will be awarded a paint set from Colortone.
  • Works among the first 200 contestants will be published in a catalog and given to the 200 painters.



 RC, Colortone and the Oman Sultanate Fine Arts Association


For detailed information and media kit:



Neva Çöǧendez

0 532 058 08 40


Bilkent Center AVM 3⁄33 (Tepe Home Katı), Bilkent, Ankara