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Final Call for Interns Summer 2013 Torchlight Program Opportunities

Published May 13, 2013

Interns Final Summer Recruitment Call:
Interested in the Motion Picture Industry
The Torchlight Program
For Immediate Release
Interviews Continue Monday May 13th
Summer Sessions 2013

The Torchlight Program
Contact: Gayle Gari / Asst
Mobile: 845.300.0268

Please copy via E-mail:
Paul Cohen / Executive Director
Phone: 850.228.7718

I am scheduling interviews during May’s “Drop/Add Week” Monday, May 13th to Thursday, May 16th, so please contact us now to schedule an appointment during the 1p.m. – 7p.m. daily schedule this week and be selected to become part of a feature length motion picture marketing internship available through The Torchlight Program for summer 2013. Please call or E-mail Gayle Gari (above) to set up an interview.

Again, call as well as E-mail, Gayle (contact above), and always leave both your cell phone number and email address so that we may get back to you promptly. Please feel free to call me directly, as well, at the above number.

This semester I am recruiting select groups of students to directly assist me in my independent motion picture marketing company that consults with a variety of producer, director and distribution clients in the film industry. Selected interns will work on social media marketing of a number of new feature length motion picture releases as well as engage in other film industry opportunities during this upcoming semester. This summer’s release line-up again promises to be very exciting as we anticipate marketing 8-10 new independent features during this summer semester, which will be a wonderful resume building opportunity for our interning students.

Whether you’re interested in traditional marketing, graphic design, social media marketing and promotion, developing your professional writing skills for social media platforms, still photography, filming, editing, and distribution, there may be an opportunity to find an appropriate internship opportunity through the Torchlight Program and its association with companies and individuals within the entertainment industry.

The filmography below outlines and represents some of the opportunities students and interns have had while interning in my marketing company and/or through participating in The Torchlight Film Series presentations. Information may be viewed by clicking the following links:

REQUIREMENTS For the Internship: Interns must have each of the following:

1. A laptop is required for the internship.
2. Transportation to and from The Torchlight Center. (Directions are at the bottom of this email.)
3. A suggested minimum of 15 hours per week to devote to the internship, with hour commitments accommodations possible and discussed during the interview. Students from the Dept. of Psychology have separate requirements and are welcome to interview and discuss.
4. Be currently enrolled in FSU as an undergraduate or graduate student.
5. A minimum GPA of 3.3 (and/or a convincing reason why you want this internship)

Please take this opportunity to call or email to set up a phone interview if a personal interview is not possible as this phone interview can insure a spot in the internship. All personal interviews will take place at the Torchlight Center, 387 Commerce Boulevard/ Midway, Florida 32343.   Driving directions are in the paragraphs below.  The Center is approximately 10 miles from campus (90W to Commerce Blvd.).

This summer semester we will continue to market a number of titles such as Tattoo Nation, in addition to our new title lineup which includes: Hello Herman, starring Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead), a feature about bullying which will have its theatrical release in early June; the feature documentary, Stuck, a film that uncovers the personal, real-life stories of children and parents navigating a rollercoaster of bureaucracy on their journeys through the international adoption system; Assault on Wall Street, a thriller from director Uwe Boll about a troubled New York family man (Dominic Purcell) who embarks on a horrific Wall Street shooting spree after losing his job, his home, and his family in the struggling economy. These titles are only a few of the many more we have for our upcoming summer lineup.

The Torchlight Program has been selected along with the FSU College Of Motion Picture Arts as the “educational partner” for the Focus Forward Challenge;  Please read about this exciting Challenge.

DIRECTIONS To The Torchlight Center: From campus drive 90 W to Commerce Blvd in Midway (Gadsden County), which is at the stoplight just after passing under I-10. Turn hard right (almost a U-turn) onto Commerce Blvd and stay right as you proceed around a winding road.  After you pass two new motels on your left you will see a blue-grey art deco building just above the trees on your left. Pull into the driveway and park in the upper-left parking lot.  Take walkway to glass doors located on the north side of the building. Please contact Gayle directly on her cell (845) 300-0268 if you have any problem locating the Center.

(Note: The Torchlight Center was originally built for the Allman Brothers Band by Butch Trucks and Gregg Allman as the Pegasus Recording Studio.)

Josh Tickell, the director of the Festival De Cannes Film Festival official selection, The Big Fix, as well as the Sundance Film Festival Best Documentary, Audience Award winning movie, FUEL recently offered these words about the Torchlight Program;

“All of the Torchlight Interns we have worked with on our visits to Florida had been trained to the highest level of professionalism. We could not resist grabbing one and hiring him for our production company, where he has since outperformed many employees who came from “big film schools” or professional film backgrounds. Overall, the Torchlight Program radically accelerates the trainee’s ability to interact with people in one of the most dynamic, challenging social environments – the film industry. Thank you Torchlight for producing such stellar people – and for setting the Gold Standard for Hollywood and beyond.”

The Torchlight Program at the College of Motion Picture Arts was created to educate students in current and emerging motion picture business practices with a focus on marketing, financing, and distribution strategies that have proven to be effective in releasing feature films. Through strategic relationships with industry professionals, the Torchlight Program facilitates unique internship opportunities, with industry, that provide students with hands-on experience with motion picture production and distribution companies.

We also work to identify internship opportunities for students to work with members of the esteemed faculty of professionals who teach at the College of Motion Picture Arts, many who are currently working on creative and professional projects in various stages of development, production, and distribution.

Paul Cohen
Executive Director
The Torchlight Program
The Florida State University
College of Motion Picture Arts