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Fellowships, Book Grants, Residencies, and Internships at the Women’s Studio Workshop

Published March 12, 2011


Full list of Artist Opportunities at Women’s Studio Workshop located in Rosendale New York located here.

Women’s Studio Workshop actively promotes the value of art-making. This artist-centered philosophy and a deep commitment to the individual’s creative process serve as the cornerstones of WSW’s Artist Opportunities.

In all WSW programs, participating artists receive time and space in which to fully engage in their creative process, as well as a variety of other resources to support them in their work.

WSW houses fully equipped studios for etching, papermaking, screen-printing, clay, letterpress, and photography. During their stay at WSW, artists are provided with 24-hour access to the studios and on-site housing. Fellowship opportunities are partially subsidized (the visiting artist pays a weekly fee). Grant opportunities include a weekly stipend to the artist. WSW’s Artists Opportunities are enriched by the supportive, creative community comprised of artist-staff, studio managers, artist-interns, other visiting artists, and the studio’s arts public.

WSW’s unique blend of technical support and peer encouragement can lead an artist into new depths within a medium, or foster new connections and cross-pollination between different mediums and processes. The variety of programs available allows WSW to serve artists of all career-stages— emerging, mid-career, and mature artists are encouraged to apply for these opportunities. International applicants are welcome


Women’s Studio Workshop is a visual arts organization with specialized studios in printmaking, hand papermaking, ceramics, letterpress printing, photography, and book arts. Artists are invited to work at WSW as a part of our Fellowship Program, Artists’ Books GrantsResidenciesInternships, or to learn new skills in our Summer Arts Institute and community workshop series.

Our mission is to operate and maintain an artists’ workspace that encourages the voice and vision of individual women artists, to provide professional opportunities for artists, and to promote programs designed to stimulate public involvement, awareness, and support for the visual arts.


Women’s Studio Workshop
PO Box 489
Rosendale, NY  12472
tel 845.658.9133
fax 845.658.9031