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Faith Anna (BFA ’12)

Published October 4, 2012

“It’s a Girl Thing! For the first time for you, the now generation!”

“Leisure Suite”

With thoughts of Lisa Frank, designer of various stationery and stickers for young girls, imagery–glitter, beads, and color in mind I made these paintings to capture my little girl sensibility into my autobiographical works. Have we become a product of marketing? Are we here to be served products, or be turned into one? In this body of work, there is a chance to bring humor and to escape to my dream world where my life has the opportunity to coexist with the realm I always hoped it could as a little girl. A place where glitter and stickers are welcome, where color and saturation are encouraged. Vintage magazine ads have also influenced these paintings. My maturity can engage with both of these marketing eras, which encourage an unprecedented happiness through the products they offer.  Inspired by Damien Hirst’s spin paintings, I hope to exemplify the once everyday commodity and repurpose these markets to illustrate my life.