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Phyllis Strauss Gallery Presents Exhibit: Transhumanism

November 7, 2019
The Phyllis Strauss Gallery is looking for students that would be interested in applying for the next show, 'Transhumanism'. ...

Working Method Contemporary Gallery Presents D U S T: A Solo Art Exhibition by Channing Gray

November 6, 2019
The Working Method Contemporary Gallery presents D U S T: A Solo Art Exhibition of Particle Studies by Channing Gray. ...

Art Professor Carrie Ann Baade Opens Wondering and Wandering at Carrollton Center for the Arts

November 1, 2019
"Wondering and Wandering" opens at Carrollton Arts Center in Georgia this week featuring over thirty works of art by Professor Carrie Ann Baade. ...

Amy Fleming Exhibiting at Art Gym in Denver

November 1, 2019
FSU Art Adjunct Instructor Amy Fleming’s artists book, “Patio Furniture” was selected for Abecedarian Gallery’s Cornucopia X book arts exhibition showing at The Art Gym in ...

Sculpture 1 Students Show New Work at MoFA

October 25, 2019
FSU's Fall 2019 Sculpture 1 students will be presenting their new work at FSU Museum of Fine Arts on 10/31/19, 6-8pm. This show, Sculpture Squad Presents... FGR You Afraid of the D ...