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The stories I draw - Solo Exhibition of Barbara El at Phyllis Straus Gallery

04feb7:00 pmThe stories I draw - Solo Exhibition of Barbara El at Phyllis Straus GalleryDepartment of Art7:00 pm


february 4, 2022 7:00pm


Phyllis Straus Gallery

Event Details

“The stories I draw” is a solo exhibition of Barbara El ‘s graphic prints.

In her art she aims to capture the universal emotions, feelings and difficulties. She portrays them with the depictions of the fantastic creatures. Skipping the human facial portrait, she portrays what fills the human’s heart. Is it the fear, sadness, loneliness, or care, love, joy and affection. The world of the fantastic creatures started with the linocuts showing people in masks with feathers atop, alike to the Venetian carnival or peste masks. They then evolved: the creatures are fully created of different species’ elements. Unrecognized as any particular kind, rather a mix of many, they then turned completely into animalistic depictions of human emotions, with the fox-like one becoming a common figure in her illustrations and graphic prints. She uses the fox-like figure to tell the stories of many. Staying visually similar in the stories, the fox-like creature speaks about various feelings, yet is above the divisions.

The works presented at the show are done mostly in the linocut and lithography technique. The colorful linocuts are created in reduced matrix technique, or in different words the Picasso method, meaning each color is cut on the same matrix in different time spans. Each color is printed as a different layer, which then is reduced to leftovers and the stamp of the last colour. The worlds created in relief printmaking techniques and lithographs oscillate around the universal subjects.

As the shown set consists of works from many years, you will be able to see the process of shaping the art path until where it’s now. There are works which can be described as noir, or surrealistic, as well as some others which vary from that definition. Yet they are all connected with the pursuit of being a case study of reality, in which the author is using emotional, narrative ways of speaking about feelings and actions.

During the opening you will have an opportunity to ask your questions to the artist.

The exhibition is curated by Melissa Gonzalez-Lopez and Hannah Hancock.