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Emily Skarda Internship at Askew Student Life Center

Published March 6, 2013
I really wasn’t looking forward to this semester. Sixteen hours, two clubs, and a student-run magazine promised to run me ragged, so I was a little hesitant when offered the Photography internship at the ASLC as well. Thanks to the guidance of some friends and a helpful counselor, I managed to drop an online class I knew I was going to forget and take the internship for college credit.
The ASLC is a great group to work with. I already had the fortune of being involved with Film Committee, where the schedule programming happens. So my transition to their Public Relations team was pretty smooth. Normally they prefer having interns from outside of Film committee to get different points of view when it comes to aesthetics and outreach and such. But when complicated situations arise, you have to what you have. And they had me.
Being the Photo Intern is incredibly rewarding. I’m plumping up my portfolio with photos from fun events at the ASLC. It does require a flexible schedule. There’s Open Mic Night, Trivia Night, and special events for movies (such as costume contests and panels), as well Final Fridays and other Game Committee events. Some events are as short as an hour and others can stretch to three hours, usually no longer. It’s important for the subject matter to focus on the event, but to still get a lot of interaction with the students who come to them. And then of course there’s the editing, hours of it. It’s usually minimal, adjusting the lighting, cropping a few photos. If it’s a bigger event, it’s good to have 30-50 photos. You only need 15-25 for the smaller ones. But of course, it’s all about variety, and featuring everyone having a good time. It’s hard to push “come to the ASLC!” when you have 30 photos of people waiting in line.
It’s difficult getting a job after college. Employers will usually give you the same answer; the important things are a big portfolio and a lot of experience in the field. Internships are an ideal way to kill the two metaphorical birds with one stone. When the time comes and you feel you’re ready, I’d definitely recommend applying for an internship at the ASLC.