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Emily Deacon's Fall 2011 Internship with Joelle Dietrick

Published January 3, 2012

Emily Deacon’s Fall 2011 Internship

Interning with Joelle Dietrick, a Practicing, Professional Artist

My opportunity to intern one-on-one with a professional artist was beyond amazing. I really felt like I was gaining irreplaceable perspective and insight into the trades of the serious art world. I learned valuable and applicable skills such as:

  • how to properly research artists, galleries and universities online
  • how to conduct a press release
  • how to market, sell and advertise yourself as a practicing art professional
  • how to streamline and correctly conduct a job search
  • how to propose, prepare and install for a show
  • how to troubleshoot and work through your own ideas and aspirations as an artist and person

Interning for an established professional artist as a undergraduate college student was truly an eye-opening experience. This opportunity almost served as a projection of my life into the future if I were to continue down my path of artistic endeavors. Of course I am, and after this experience I am only more encouraged, informed and motivated to do so, and further myself as a professional artist.

Basically, Joelle and I met 2-3 days a week at her house and conducted research related to her upcoming shows, projects or interests. Throughout the semester, we compiled a variety of materials to be utilized for her gallery show openings, job applications and professional art materials. I really feel like I contributed to her aspirations as an art professional this semester, and I hope the work I conducted pays off in her career somewhere down the road. I know we will keep in touch, so I can’t wait to hear what opportunities come her way in the future; and likewise her towards me!

While working with artist Joelle Dietrick, we accomplished a myriad of tasks. Just the exposure of interacting and helping an established artist brings so much clarity and intellect to the table. It becomes clear as to what steps are necessary in order to support yourself as an artist (after you have produced enough work to do so).

Though this internship I gained more than just a temporary artist supervisor, I gained a friend. A friend who went through exactly what I’m going through now, only 20 years ago. Experience is something that is learned rather than just gained, and in this instance this experience was beyond academia — it was about life.

Our requirements were to meet 10-15 hours a week. Normally we would meet Mondays and Wednesdays for 5 hours, and optionally I could come in on Fridays. If at all possible, I tried to go in on Fridays too because this was such an awesome experience and it allowed me to take so much information and insight away upon every meeting!