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Drawing Animator Sought for Collaboration on FSU Theatre Production, A Soldier’s Tale

Published September 20, 2011


A staged production of A Soldier’s Tale will be presented in Opperman Hall in the College of Music on the last weekend of January in 2012. This version of A Soldier’s Tale, with music by Igor Stravinsky and text by Kurt Vonnegut, tells the story of the last U.S. soldier to be shot for desertion in World War II and uses an interesting intersection of music, dance, drama, and art to bring its message to life on the stage.

This project will be a unique and exciting collaboration between student artists in different degree programs here at Florida State University. Already, graduate students in the Schools of Theatre and Dance, as well as the College of Music, have dedicated their talents to this project in the roles of director, choreographer, and conductor. An interested student artist from the School of Art is sought as a fellow collaborator on this project, with the hopes that his or her contributions would lend a rich visual component to the story unfolding onstage. Please read below for further details and initial ideas for this artistic collaboration.


We would like to use projections during the performances of A Soldier’s Tale, a kind of real-time animated drawing that would replicate the kind of doodles that Kurt Vonnegut scribbles in the margins of works as he is writing. We are hoping that a student artist might be able to take on this project, using Vonnegut’s style and drawings as inspirations to come up with their own animated sketches. These moving sketches would be projected throughout the performance, commenting on the action, scenes, and dances that are ongoing. At the end of the dramatic piece, as it cuts to the reality of telling a true war story, I hope that we might be able to transition into a kind of WWII war reel, showing real images of the war and its named participants (including Private Eddie Slovik and General Eisenhower). Ideally, the student artist would also oversee this phase of the work as well.


Please contact Steven Higginbotham, a Master of Fine Arts candidate in the School of Theatre and director for this project, with your interest. We would like to secure a collaboration with a visual artist from the School of Art by the first week of October of 2011. Thank you so very much for your consideration, time, and interest! All are greatly appreciated!


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Steven Higginbotham