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DISC Village Office Display Opportunity

Published October 15, 2012

We are looking for artwork to be displayed in three of our individual, couple, and family counseling offices to add to the decor and atmosphere of the space. We would like to house artwork that is either donated to DISC Village or is for sale to the public. We are willing to provide pricing information to any interested parties that should come across the artwork and refer them to the artist for the sale.

DISC Village is a non-profit agency that began on FSU’s campus as the drug information services center. We have been around for many years offering substance counseling to those in need and we are now excited to offer individual, couple, and family services as well. We appreciate our connection to the university as many of our employees have deep FSU roots and we would love to be able to provide local artists with the opportunity to have their work on display.

We would like artwork that is calming in nature and has therapeutic qualities if possible. We have no theme in mind other than maintaining a warm and peaceful environment that allows for thoughtful reflection and therapeutic conversation. We would like to make contact with any interested parties as soon as possible, due to the office opening on October 15th.

Daniel Lettenberger-Klein –