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Digital Media Designer – 1 time development project

Published February 23, 2016

WANTED: Digital Media design intern for internet promotion of service/product for Corporate Solutions. Please respond by Friday, February 12, 2016 if at all possible. (**Note: this was originally submitted 2-5-16 but didn’t make it through. At this point, a response as soon as possible would be great.


Additional information:
Note: Just FYI before you have to read further, this would likely be a short-term, unpaid, project. If some type of funding presents itself then we would gladly consider it but you probably need to enter it with the mindset of getting experience and adding to a portfolio for the time being.
We have a service/product that we currently deliver locally but that can easily be delivered in an online format. We want to design an “internet campaign” to make it available to organizations who would search the specific terms related to hiring. We would like to show up on the first page of Google Search. Our initial thought though is to create a video on Youtube to help promote the service. Examples that are similar to what we want are those that have hand drawn pictures (people, signs, words etc.) while there is a voice over or those that have random facts move through the service (“did you know”, “shift happens”) or something along those lines. It needs to be engaging, provide important, move to action information, and address a broad audience but have a modern feel. The likely “buyers” would be CEO, HR directors, recruiters and the like. It needs to have a modern “edge” to it. It really needs to grab attention immediately, in a positive way, and give a reason for a potential customer to choose us over another opportunity. This will probably take someone, minimally in their junior year and someone who can be professional in their interactions and work product. However, with that said, if you have an exceptional background in this area and happen to be a freshman or sophomore, please go ahead and contact me. Our department is a well established group in Tallahassee.

We do not have a specific deadline but we’d love to have some type of forward motion by the end of February 2016. The movement could simply be to an agreement of the project but it would be great if we could start some type of production in that time. I recognize that Spring Break, midterms and eventually graduation may drive some of our options for timing but let’s just see what we can come up with.

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