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Darlene Kamperveen Internship at Tallahassee Democrat

Published March 6, 2013

For Spring 2013, I have had the honor and pleasure of becoming an intern for the Tallahassee Democrat, Tallahassee’s largest newspaper company. The Tallahassee Democrat provides coverage of breaking news, sports, business, entertainment, State Capitol, and Florida State University.
I am currently interning as a Graphic Designer in the Community Relations department, which means that I get involved with projects that relate to the Tallahassee community side of the Tallahassee Democrat newspaper. This internship focuses on acquiring experience in the real world of graphic design – communicating with clients, solving issues, and meeting deadlines. When local events and companies decide to advertise with the Tallahassee Democrat, they go through the Community Relations department. The department as a whole has many roles, including marketing and communications. My responsibilities in the department are to create advertisements and designs for various events and promotions in Tallahassee. So far, I have created designs for many events, including the 25 Women You Need To Know, The Big Bend Spelling Bee, The Big Bend High School Brain Bowl, Springtime Tallahassee, The Tallahassee Person of the Year, The Alzheimer’s Project’s Purple Craze, and others.
Interning at the Tallahassee Democrat has been a fun and amazing experience so far. The most rewarding part is seeing advertisements I’ve created get printed in the newspapers for thousands around Tallahassee to see! So far, I’ve been gaining lots of experience in meeting deadlines for projects, proper communication with clients and coworkers, and lots of time management. I have also learned about all the different community events that the Tallahassee Democrat sponsors, and all of the hard work that goes into running those events. I truly look forward to the rest of the time I have remaining as an intern with the Tallahassee Democrat, because I’m sure I have much more to learn!
I would absolutely recommend this internship to other students, because the Tallahassee Democrat makes sure to utilize everyone’s skill sets, and provide experience relevant to your field of study. It is definitely an internship to learn from. The employees are all great people, and they make interning there a fun learning experience.